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The prairie skies can always make you see more than you can believe.
– Jackson Burnett, The Past Never Ends
The limitless beauty of the prairie and the ingenuity of the human spirit are the compelling inspirations that we look to instill in each piece of furniture we design and build. Our mission is to give new life to the history that is inherent to these materials, evidenced in their rich patina and individual markings of time. In doing so, we tell the stories of our forefathers, our stories and the stories you have yet to tell. The furniture connects you to the land, the earth and history. And you will become the next chapter in a story that never ends. It’s more than furniture, its an experience.  Each piece comes with a provenance card that tells the journey from its origin to the place of honour in your home.


Sourcing materials is one of the highlights of the year for us. Getting out into the landscape and being immersed in the history of the place is fascinating.  It’s here that the journey from raw materials to finished pieces begins.  At Re+U, we can provide you with these materials for your own projects. And if you’re a designer, we can tailor the process to your needs so you need only specify as you would for any other finished material.


The Re+U collection consists of three main furniture lines – Modern, Layers and Classic. In addition, we are constantly sourcing new materials and can make them available to you for your own personal creations.  Stay tuned to our website, blog and social sites for updates on these. Last but not least, on occasion we find amazing rare materials or artifacts and we put our creativity to work to design and craft truly one of a kind pieces.


By design, almost all of our furniture pieces allow you to personalize your selection by following the process of selecting a style that reflects your personality, selecting a function to meet your lifestyle needs and then refining the details through choosing materials and accents that resonate with you and your home.  Each reclaimed material is unique in itself so each piece is one of a kind. When you personalize it, it takes on special meaning and a special place in your life.  We also send you a rendering of your selections in order to give you the utmost confidence in your choice. Each piece is registered with our maker’s mark and comes with a provenance card outlining the history of the people whose dreams realized its first use.


Re+U Reclaimed Furniture & Materials

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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